Angora rabbits like any other domestic rabbit need their nails clipping regularly. It is hard to see the nails though due to their wool and furnishings. However, one of the best times time clip the nails is during coat clipping as part of an all over maintenance and health check.

Front paw showing three of the four nails and not the dewclaw

The rabbit is held firmly in the lap and the paw stretched gently out. The nails are clipped one by one. It is important to clip only the clear area at the end of the nail. Clipping the pink area of the nail nearest the foot would be painful for the rabbit, and would cause bleeding.

Nail clipping during coat clipping

In white rabbits it is easier to identify the correct area for clipping, but in coloured rabbits it can be harder. If in doubt, get an experienced rabbit keeper to show you or ask your vet for help. Some find it easier to clip the nails with the rabbit laid on its back in the lap.

Nail clippers