If your rabbit doesn’t come forward for its feed, time to check for problem teeth, worms or any other obvious problems. This time of year if it’s warm during the day, mites are about. Time to check backs of necks for knots or any obvious signs of scratching. Clip knots and treat with ivomec. Check again in a week. 

Before mating does check them over, make sure rear end is clean and wool cut short. Ideally the coat should be about 1/2”-1” long, if it’s longer, it will be too long for her to make a safe nest with. Check buck is healthy, and always add doe to bucks hutch.

As the days get warmer, rabbits can be safely put out in a run, or loose if you are with them and your garden is enclosed. Good time to make use of fresh grass and dandelions and herbs from your garden for your rabbits especially babies. Do not pick anything from roadsides or fields as you don’t know what has been deposited on it.

Make sure all your rabbits are vaccinated against vhd1 and 2 and myxomatosis before putting them out, as these diseases are spread by insects, birds, hedgehogs, cats etc.