She dropped her skirts with gay abandon –

Stepped out of them with glee:

She only had one star to go –

Oh, disappointed me!


‘Twas on the morning of the Show,

I rose before first light –

The Angoras were all spick and span

When I went to bed last night.

I sorted out my grooming kit

After they’d been fed –

But when I looked at them, I wished

I’d stayed in bed instead!

Antonia was white last night

Pure as the driven snow –

this morning she is covered

in hay from head to toe!

And the quiet well behave Celeste

Has pieces of things all round her chest.

Snowball must have been in a tussle –

He seems to have done something to a muscle.

Mischievous Bella has mix in her whiskers –

I wonder whether or not to risk her?

And Dapple (the Chin) – I almost forgot him –

Has something unsavoury stuck to his bottom!

Its just as well I’ve left plenty of time

Why, only on show days???

There’s no reason or rhyme.

By Yvonne Hobbs Yearbook 1991