The breed standard of the national club.

Body Coat

  • Clipped down to a maximum of one inch, pure colour, fine texture, even and dense all over
  • A coat of 1 – 2 inches is permissible in the case of coloured Angoras
  • 15 points


  • Head, feet, legs, face, ears and tail
  • 15 points


  • Broad, short skull, broad flat nose, large eyes of correct colour, dense crest, long fringe, thickly wooled along line of jaw
  • 10 points


  • Erect, short, tapered, well wooled, fringed and tufted
  • 10 points


  • Short coupled, back arched, chest deep, broad and prominent, powerful shoulders and loins a good size
  • 25 points

Legs and Feet

  • Straight, good but not coarse boned, heavily wooled with short nails
  • 10 points


  • Firm flesh, clean well nourished and well groomed
  • 10 points


  • Alert and upstanding, masculine in appearance in the case of a buck
  • 5 points

Total Points 100


  • Ideally not to be more than 7┬Żlbs.

Serious Faults

  • Narrow wedge head, low head or ear carriage, plain long ears, no furnishings, bad condition