The breed standard of the national club.

Wool Quality

  • Texture as silky as possible
  • 30 points

Wool Quantity and Length

  • Even and full all over, clear to the skin
  • 25 points


  • Full and prominent on the chest and sides of the neck
  • 10 points

Head, Neck and Ears

  • Broad short head. Short well woolled and tufted ears  
  • 10 points

Size and Shape

  • Round and snowball like
  • Weight at 5 months approximately 5½lbs (2.494kg)
  • An adult ideally not to exceed 7½lbs (3.402kg)
  • Type and quality always to be taken into account
  • 10 points


  • Thickly covered with long wool, well furnished
  • 5 points


  • Clean well nourished and well groomed
  • 10 points

Total 100 points

Eyes: Ruby, bright and bold

Legs: Straight, heavily woolled

Tail: Large and well woolled

Head: Wide across the nostrils, bold appearance, densely furred, wool to be long and thick between and behind the ears.

Serious Faults: Narrow wedge head, long plain ears, plain feet,matted coat, coarse coat, bad condition, lop ears.

Points awarded for the following for White English Angoras

Standard of PointsPoints
1Wool Quality30
2Wool Quality and Length25
4Head and Ears10
5Size and Shape10
6Feet 5