The breed standard of the national club.

Wool Quality

  • Texture as silky as possible
  • 30 points

Wool Quantity and Length

  • Even and full all over, clear to the skin
  • 25 points


  • Full and prominent on the chest and sides of the neck
  • 10 points

Head, Neck and Ears

  • Broad short head. Short well woolled and tufted ears  
  • 10 points

Size and Shape

  • Round and snowball like
  • Weight at 5 months approximately 5½lbs (2.494kg)
  • An adult ideally not to exceed 7½lbs (3.402kg)
  • Type and quality always to be taken into account
  • 10 points


  • Thickly covered with long wool, well furnished
  • 5 points


  • Clean well nourished and well groomed
  • 10 points

Total 100 points

Eyes: Ruby, bright and bold

Legs: Straight, heavily woolled

Tail: Large and well woolled

Head: Wide across the nostrils, bold appearance, densely furred, wool to be long and thick between and behind the ears.

Serious Faults: Narrow wedge head, long plain ears, plain feet,matted coat, coarse coat, bad condition, lop ears.