This is not an easy process, like any animal they are keen to move about and tend not to want to pose for the camera. It does depend on each individual and they all have their own personalities and behavioral traits.

However, here are a few hints and tips on photographing angoras

  • Select the right colour background for the colour of angora, so for example whites do not tend to show up well with a white background
  • Try to use natural light or have as much light as possible as the colours show up better in natural light and the rabbits can get hot and stressed under artificial lights
  • Make sure the stool or table is large enough that the angora rabbit is safe
  • Try to do short sessions as the rabbits can get bored
  • Avoid windy days as their coats will move too much and the pictures will be blurry
  • Get the angora rabbit used to the surroundings and let them settle down before starting to take photographs
  • As most photography is digital now it is easy to take bursts of photos and select the best ones in comparison to film days

Examples of some photoshoots that didn’t go so well….