Clipping a angora rabbits should be done approximately once every 3 months to ensure they remain healthy. Once you have all the necessary equipment ready put the rabbit on your knees and brush any debris out of the coat. I usually clip the top coat first. Have your bag ready to put the wool in. Start clipping at the neck, discard any knots and short wool. The wool you should be clipping will hopefully be over 2”, if not it can be bagged and sold as felt. Put all the decent wool in a bag from the top and when you have finished that close that bag and get another.

Turn the rabbit upside down with its ears between your knees it should lay quite comfortably on your lap and the apron will help. Brush out any debris and clean rear end if necessary. Put any decent clean wool into the other bag. Clip rabbit fully underneath taking care to miss bucks testicles and does teats (8) evenly spaced down the body. If you are planning to mate the doe, then leave and inch or so under her chin i.e. chest wool) You don’t want it any longer as it will tangle round the babies in the nest.

If they are unhappy this way round then tuck their head close to your underarm and clip that way round. When you have done this clip the nails, very much like ours just clip the ends, if you make one bleed then wound powder will stop it. Turn the rabbit the right way up and drop some ivemectin (mite eradicator) on the back of the neck, available from pet shops, vets.