Is there anything that Angora wool can’t be used for? It was a delight to see some recipients had framed their 1992 Christmas cards made from Angora wool and pulp. I thought you might like to have a go, so here is the method.Get a book on ordinary paper making – use the recipe to make pulp of straw or hay or any other suitable plant material, and some soaked used white writing paper, to add lightness and evenness. I used a Kenwood liquidizer to reduce the pulp, but I would warn you not to overload it or it will burn out. The bath, mould and deckle, and couching cloths are all as in the technical books.

Assuming you make the pulp and it is ready in the bath, you now have a choice.
Method 1: Add short wool, such as the face wool or foot wool or any othe “waste shorts”, not the under foot furnishings though. Catch the mixed pulp and wool in the mould and deckle as in plain paper.

Method 2: Make one thin layer of plain pulp and place on couching cloth, place a thin layer of Angora on top and then another layer of plain pulp. Carry on in the usual way way taking care in handling the wet stages.
Preparing the surface for writing or painting can be done just as with ordinary paper, though if you have angora standing on these edges or as a feature it is probably not a good idea to treat these areas.

An ancient and important skill, paper making is still an area with potential for great self expression linked with a useful product.

By Mike Head