As well as supporting the exhibition of the Angora rabbit, the National Angora Club (NAC) also supports those who produce yarn, felt and garments from wool which has been harvested in an ethical and animal friendly way.

For details of our Product Shows, please see further posts in the wool festivals, wool products or rabbit shows category.  For more information on Products Shows, contact our Products secretary (details in Club Officials post).

The Product Competition Rules of the National Angora Club are as follows:

1) Exhibitors/competitors must be paid up members of the NAC at the time of entry

2) All entries to be the property and handiwork of the entrant.

3) Any personal identification left on the item and visible will be a disqualification, but a description of the wool sample and the exhibitor’s name should be attached to the bottom of the container.

4) The schedule to be part of the rules of entry.

5) The NAC will take all reasonable care of entries and exhibits but except no responsibility for loss or damage.  The insuring of valuable items to be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor/competitor.

6) The committee reserve the right to refuse to accept exhibits for display or competition without explanation.

7) Items for competition must be delivered by hand on the day of the show directly to the Products Competition Secretary, or by post to the address stated in the yearbook.  If posted, to be delivered no later than 2 days before the show.  Specifications requested in the schedule to be attached to the exhibit.  Entry Fees and return postage to be included.

8) All wool samples must be clean, free of mats and knots and extraneous matter, i.e: dirt, straw, insect infestation and to weigh not less than 1/4 oz (7grams).

9) Wool to be well presented.  Carefully collected from one rabbit and laid in a suitable container so that each line/layer is neat and lying in the same direction (i.e: cut/plucked end tips).

10) All yarn samples to be in skeins (hanks) and not balls, tied in 4 places and to weigh not less than 1/4 oz (7 grams).

11) All aspects of the exhibit’s manufacture will be taken into consideration when judging ie spinning, knitting, plying, weaving, lacemaking, crochet, making up, sewing techniques, buttons, buttonholes, decoration etc.

12) An exhibit may be shown under a judge only once, but may be exhibited under any number of different judges.

Gallery of examples of wool products at past competitions