Rabbit Ralph – The Pet Angora, with more character than fluf

Ralph was bred at The Bourne Stud Angoras in January 2016 and moved in with myself, Nikita Harrison in May 2016.  Living outdoors, Ralph spends lots of his time freely exploring the gardens. Fortunate to have a garden backed onto 2,600 acres of woodland, Ralph’s adventures are often joined by many different wildlife species, from robins to deer’s. In addition to his wild friends, Ralph also spends time snoozing and exploring with the families two pet cats.

Rabbit Ralph

Ralph developed a keen interest into agility and is often caught practising his jumping skills with the most spectacular binky shows, and has even completed small dog size agility jumps. Ralph and I  spend hours in the garden together on a daily basis, or on rainy days inside the house enjoying a good grooming session. I aspires to best capture Ralph’s continuously growing character through photos and short clips and shares them on his Instagram and Facebook page.

Aside of having won a photo competition for a Veterinary Health Club Membership, being the face of a RSPCA Branch Rabbit awareness week 2016 and winning a Pet class for tameness at a small animal competition. Ralph tends to live the relaxed lifestyle of eat, sleep, play, fuss and repeat!

Ralph has become a much loved family pet, along side a local favourite with his small online fan club and goes to show that the English Angora’s are not only outstanding fibre producers but make fantastic pet’s too!

Nikita Harrison