Grooming Angora rabbits

This can take some practice and a lot of experience in order to achieve a well groomed Angora rabbit particularly for show. There are a few essential items you will need in your tool kit to aid you with this and here is a brief run through of these items. If you want to know more contact your local Angora rabbit breeder or visit the National Angora Club stand at one of the rabbit shows for more guidance and advice.

Key items for grooming

  • Hair Drier (Turbo)
  • Dog grooming Blower
  • Stool to sit on 12 x 12 for rabbit covered with a towel
  • Maison Pearson baby nylon bristle brush
  • Roller tooth comb – from pet stores
  • Small slicker brush for feet – from pet stores
  • Talcum powder not scented.
  • Baby wipes
  • Cloths to tie up skirts of wet rabbits ( these cab be made from small pieces of fleece or felt) and fastened with an elastic band

These grooming aids are recommended for exhibition Angoras. Some exhibitors like a turntable covered with a piece of carpet or cloth for grooming, such as a Lazy Susan, or a revolving fleece covered swivel seat for getting out of the car.

For wool rabbits grooming tools are simpler. In contrast to the Exhibition Angora, mats and knots in the wool can be cut out with hairdressing scissors or Fiskar’s craft scissors, and the rabbit can also be kept clipped short around the vent region to avoid soiling. A simple cushioned brush with plastic round tipped bristles such a Boots or Baby Bliss hairbrush, Boots hairdressing scissors, and the fingers are all that are needed. Grooming is most often carried out on the knee for wool rabbits.