Luxury Angora yarn, spun from a blend of Bigwigs finest Angora rabbit fibre and a range of supersoft wools

Here at Bigwigs Angora in the Yorkshire Dales, I keep the Continental type Angora (with French and German breeding) and harvest the fibre by hand clipping with scissors every 16 -18 weeks.  Living on a farm, I am fortunate to have an agricultural building especially for the rabbits with runs designed by myself and built by my husband.

The runs are simple wire mesh pens, with boarded bottoms to reduce the effect of draughts and concrete floors bedded with straw.  Does live in family colonies whilst bucks have individual pens with lids.   The pens are easy to clean out and I find that as long as they are kept clean and dry, the bunnies need very little grooming.

Clipped fibre is sorted into the best quality, long fibres for spinning, with shorter fibre being bagged separately and sold for felting projects.  Some spinning fibre is sold to hand spinners, but the majority is blended with Merino or Bluefaced Leicester wool tops and spun at a mini-mill into a range of natural and coloured yarn for sale.

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