Everyone likes baby rabbits, but they grow up so fast. In the wild, the mother would abandon them at 25 days old, already expecting her next litter. Our rabbits are cared for by their mother for much longer- and have a much better chance of survival!

Should we come out?

Five 3 week old baby English Angoras, thinking about leaving the nest.

Definitely worth emerging! Trying out kale and grass, with their mother Blue Colorado.

Four weeks old

The breeding hutch is fitted with a rabbit shelf, to allow the mother to jump up and get some peace and quiet. In the wild she would only visit the babies for 5 minutes, once a day, to feed them. The 4 week old babies have taken it over! At least she has the rest of the hutch to herself. Here she is wondering where they have all gone.

Seven weeks old

An afternoon out on the lawn with their mother. The babies have just come back from a visit to the vet’s for their vaccinations. They deserve a treat.

Luckily no signs of stress!

Eight weeks old and time to leave their mother

A week later, and it is time for Colorado, their mother, to go back to her own hutch. She doesn’t seem to mind, and is still on extra rations. After feeding 5 babies, she needs building up! The babies are now developing their ear tufts, and their coats need more grooming. These are Classic English Angoras, with short fur around their eyes, fringes between the ears and wool on their cheeks.

This little rabbit is staying, and needs a name. Here she is, enjoying some barley straw, back in the hutch. Skyrack rabbits have Western or James Bond names, but these are running short. Octopussy has been to the vet’s, but is it wise to take a Pussy Galore? And no-one can ever spell Shenandoah! A newer Bond film gives the little rabbit her name. Meet little Blue Jinx!

Time to part

Another sad moment. The last picture before the little does are split up into different hutches, three in one and two in the other. They need the room! They will still go out on the lawn together every day, but in adjacent pens. There are just two still waiting for good homes. Enquiries via the Club website contact page or via www.skyrackangoras.co.uk