Lilac breed standard

  • Head, ears and feet dove grey with a very distinct warm tone
  • Wool pale dove grey, the tips (guard hair) to match the head and ears
  • Eyes blue or shades of brown, from dark to pale ochre, often with a warm glow
  • Under colour to match top colour
  • Nails horn coloured in keeping with the dilute nature

The Lilac Angora is the most recent colour to be added to the standard of the English Exhibition Angora. It is a self colour, genotype aabbCCddEEll when bred to Lilac, and can be thought of as a dilute Chocolate. It was standardised at the London Championship Show in 2014, and the doe in the first  and fourth pictures and the buck in the fifth and sixth pictures were two of the six rabbits presented. The kits are their first litter. *Note that the second picture is a Chocolate for comparison*.