Angora rabbits are hardy and can be kept outdoors all year round providing they have solid, weatherproof and fox proof hutches and are kept clean and dry. On outdoor hutches, shutters can be used over the mesh of the front in severe weather, leaving a space for ventilation. A good supply of bedding such as barley straw keeps the rabbit comfortable.The hutch in the picture has wet towels over the wooden sleeping compartments on a hot day.

Clipping is best avoided during a spell of severe weather in outdoor rabbits, but can be safely performed in winter during ordinary conditions. A little bit more length of coat is left on the rabbit. It is important that your rabbits are protected from excess heat in summer. Sheds need good ventilation. Cage fans, ceramic tiles for the rabbit to lie on or frozen water bottles in the hutch help. A plentiful supply of water should always be available. It may be necessary to clip off the rabbit’s coat earlier than usual during a heatwave to keep the rabbit cool.