Angora rabbit in wire framed hutch

Everyone will have their own way of doing things when it comes to keeping their own Angora rabbits. This is the routine of an experienced breeder. Rabbits can be fed once or twice a day and appreciate being fed at the same time or times every day.

Daily routines

  • Feed twice a day
  • Morning feed with a dry mix of oats and pellets and hay and greens
  • Evening feed with greens, dry mix with added flaked peas and hay
  • Water is checked at both times and topped up
  • Bedding checked and topped up if necessary and clean out any really dirty corners
  • Check for alertness, bright eyes, temperament, vigour
  • Groom rabbits as needed
  • Sweep shed floor to clear up any debris
  • Put covers down over hutch fronts at night, raise in morning

Weekly routine

  • Clean out all hutches in full
  • Clean out and disinfect water bottles and food bowls with Milton or similar products
  • Clean out shed and external runs
  • Handle every Angora and check eyes, ears, feet, coat

During clipping the underneath

Every 3 Months

  • Clip the coat off top and underneath
  • Check teeth
  • Clip nails
  • Ivomectin drops on back of neck as mite deterrent


  • Myxomatosis vaccination and RVHD1 and 2
  • Clean out shed in full and disinfect with products such as Ark-Klens Ready to use or Virkon professional disinfectant
  • Replace any older hutches or wires or repair any that need it
  • Replace older food bowls and water bowls