2018 Newsletter for National Angora Club

Hi All,

I hope you all enjoying your angoras. At last we have confirmation for next years stock shows.

The Bradford Championships 2019

The Bradford Champs will be the venue for the next Products Show on Saturday 19thJanuary 2019. Judge Mrs Chris Hamilton. Address: Lazarus Exhibition Hall, Doncaster Racecourse, Leger Way, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. DN2 6BB.

  • Entries can be sent to Sandra Sutton, our Products Secretary and she will post back as long as postage is paid by the exhibitor.
  • Alternatively you can bring your entries on the day, but please let Sandra know your entries a few days before the show, so she can prepare the paperwork.
  • You will be  most welcome to join us at the club stand.
  • Sandra’s contact details are: 80 Main Street, Ewerby, Sleaford, Lincs NG34 9JP. 01529 461595

National Angora Stock Show 2019

National Angora Stock Show to be held on Sunday 12thMay 2019, at the usual venue: Wyken Community Centre, Westmorland Road, off Belgrave Road, Wyken, Coventry,CV2 5PY.

  • Judge Mr Alan Cargo.
  • The AGM will be held at 1pm lunchtime at this stock show on 12thMay.
  • All proposals to be sent to myself or Lesley Hordon.
  • My contact details are angora.bunnies@btopenworld.com.Tel 01233 732194.
  • Address: 19, Farm Road, Hamstreet,  Ashford, Kent. TN26 2JA.
  • Lesley Hordon’s contact details are : 37 Harrowby Road, Leeds,West Yorks. LS16HX
  • e mail: skyrackangoras@hotmail.co.uk, tel : 01132 304400.
  • The next dates and stock show venues/judges will then be decided at the AGM so please put in your proposals and preferences.
  • Remember the venue is to be within 70 mile radius of Coventry.
  • The club stand should also be at the following Fibre Festivals, dependant on being accepted by the festival organisers.
  • You are welcome to join us for a chat and to do some crafts at the club stand.
  • Volunteers to help man the stand are also needed. Please let Lesley know if you can help.

Wool shows 2019

Wool at Junction 13. Lower Drayton Farm, Penkridge, right next to the M6 motorway, Junction 13 on 18thand 19thMay 2019

Woolfest, Friday 28thand Sat 29thJune 2019. Mitchells Lakeland Livestock Centre, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0QQ

Fibre East.27th/28thJuly 2019. Redbone Upper School and Community College, Flitwick Road, Ampthill, Bedford, MK45 2NU.

British Wool Show, Friday 10thand Saturday 11thAugust 2019. York Auction Centre, Murton Lane, Murton, York, YO19 5GF

The AGM Minutes are available here – agm+minutes+2018+coventry.doc

Subs are due in January, please send them to Sally May.

Our website address is https://angorabunny.club

Happy 2019 and hope you have success at the shows.

Best wishes from Chris


Angora rabbit wool gloves

If you get cold hands in the winter then a perfect gift would be a pair of gloves made from angora wool fibre as this is a stunning product that keeps your hand warm and they are soft and fluffy to wear and feel silky on the skin. Gloves can be made to all sorts of designs using angora wool in various combinations of mixes and colours. Angora wool can be mixed with acrylics, sheeps’ wool, alpaca, merino or used on its own but a blend with around 75% angora works well. Fingerless gloves are good as well as wrist and hand sleeves as these are more simple designs to make.

London Championship show 2018

The National Angora Club (NAC) held a stock show at the London championship show last weekend. Sadly there were only four entries and one of them was absent. The judge for the stock show was Geoff Boot. Foxwood stud had the best angora with their u/5 white.

Clover stud had best adult with their chocolate doe and they showed a smoke buck who did well in the London show.

Congratulations to all the exhibitors, well done, I know how hard it is to get a rabbit to show standard for two days running.

Memories from the October 2004 Stock Show

The 2004 Stock Show Best In  Show was Val Downer (Arundel Stud) magnificent white.  Val was a very successful established breeder for many years, and well known amongst Angora Fanciers, she lived in Surrey and was a a leading figure in the Worplesdon club. Sadly Val dies a few years ago, but she had some superb Angoras, coloureds and whites.

The Homeopathic Way

I am often asked for homeopathic remedies for rabbit ailments. The following will do no harm and may be helpful.. Tablets, mother tincture and ointments are sold by health food shops and some pharmacies. Administration of tablets can be done whether by placing directly into the mouth, (taking care not to touch the tablet by hand), or by crushing it between two spoons and sprinkling on food or hidden, whole in a piece of bread.

The number appearing after the remedy, eg. Aconite 30, signifies the potency, and only the potency stated should be employed, as although higher potencies will not cause death, they may cause complications if incorrectly used. A dose = 1 tablet. In acute disease the medication should continue for 24-48 hours, increasing the intervals after the symptoms seem to be alleviated.

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Angora rabbit wool hats

Angora wool makes a useful natural fibre to make items of clothing from and one I used recently to make some angora wool hats for a product competition. They are soft,warm and great to wear on a cold day.The Felt hat below was made by Joan Ward, from angora wool and silk.

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Angora rabbit wool products

Angora rabbit wool is…..and can be made into a range of products including toys, hats, gloves, insoles, booties, shawls, scarfs and so much more, below is a selection of products I have used angora wool in.

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The Coloured Angora by Gill Holford

It has taken many years to develop the lovely coloured angoras we now have, many of which match any white in quality, so let us preserve these colours. Recently many people I have talked to have expressed a worry that in order to prevent too much inbreeding of their stock they were beginning to cross colours. I too am guilty of this but I hope I have been doing it responsibly as all colours that are not ‘right’ should be kept at home or sold as pets.

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