Presentation by Phil Stone

Angora rabbit in a show pen prior to being judged

When our secretary asked for items, articles or even letters for the Year Book at the end of the Annual General Meeting. I wondered whether this may be the place to make a plea to members exhibiting their Angoras for a little more show preparation.  This last year I have handled quite a number of Angoras at shows in different parts of the country, more often than not, have found a lovely exhibit for my best, grand head, good coat and length, good furnishings, type, etc then, picking it up to examine under – alas! Stains, usually in the groin and at timed, also stained feet.  In the main, this is applicable to white Angoras and consequently the stains show much more than on coloureds.

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Angora rabbit general health

If you own an Angora rabbit, it is important to ensure that it is being kept in a healthy condition at all times. Here are some basics to check.

Weight and body condition

As you pick up your Angora rabbit to examine it, check the weight and examine the body for lumps, abnormalities, wounds, cuts, bald patches, scratches and any damage. Check the overall feel of your angora and ensure that it is well coloured in wool and flesh, they are a fairly small bodied rabbit but look larger due to the wool.

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Bigwigs on the BBC

I got the email from Gayle at Countryfile in February 2015.  She explained that the programme was looking to do a feature on ‘Farm to Fashion’ to be put out around London fashion week and were interested in talking to me as a British producer of luxury yarn.  

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She dropped her skirts with gay abandon –

Stepped out of them with glee:

She only had one star to go –

Oh, disappointed me!

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Know your litters when they arrive

Occasionally one of a litter turns out to be a complete mystery as regards colour and very possible not a colour that is kept in a particular rabbitry. It is likely, therefore, that it will not be recognisable to the less experienced angora breeder. This year I had two blue-creams in a litter of sooty-fawns and a sable from a blue-smoke mating. Since I would not have contemplated crossing a blue-cream and a sooty-fawn or mating a sable with either a blue or a smoke, it was a complete mystery to me how they had managed to appear in the litters. (Top picture smoke baby)

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Future Farmers

A new Venture in South Africa

There is a new venture starting in South Africa, a wool farm for Angora Rabbits. They are small at the moment with only three bucks but are looking to find some does this year so that they can really get going. 

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