Monthly Archives: October 2020

‘Les the Quack’s Column’

Leaky Faucet I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but I find it is only bucks that have stubborn eye problems that refuse to clear up. Well I have found one solution that at least gives temporary relief. You must I’m afraid do the unthinkable – put a buck in with a does and… Read more »

A Woolly Tale

Fur is flying everywhere – Angoras are the cause: we eat it in our sandwiches, It’s sticking to our jaws. Jackets all have woolly linings, Skirts with silky threads are shining… It is a tangled web they weave – Where they get you’d never believe! Its quite an adventure sucking a toffee – Long threads… Read more »

Ramblings by Mary Tomlinson

This is an article from the 1998 yearbook  called ‘Ramblings” written by Mary Tomlinson. Lesley has pleaded for items for the year book, (no change) so here goes! These are not necessarily in the right order, but are being noted down as they come into my head, as the title suggests ‘Ramblings”

London Championship Show

This year the National Angora Club Stock Show as well as the London Championship show were held virtually. The Judge was Mrs Gemma Mckell who said it was a pleasure to judge the angora stock show but also proved difficult, as pictures do not really do these beautiful rabbits justice. Nice to see them all… Read more »