National Angora Club AGM

Held at 1pm on 26thMay 2019 at Wyken Community Centre, Westmoreland Rd, Coventry, CV2 5BP.

Present. Mrs C. Hamilton (Secretary), Mrs L Hordon (Chair), Mrs S May (Treasurer), Mrs S Sutton (Vice President), Mrs J Connolly, Mrs Y Hobbs-Fothergill, Mr Richard Grindey-Banks, Mr Rob Grindey-Banks, Mr A Wright, Mr M Fox, Ms A Wray, Mrs G Webb-Bailey, Mrs S Fisher (visiting)

Apologies: Alan Cargo, Lesley Taylor, Joan Ward, Dawn Caines, Joan Leighton.

Minutes of last AGM read and approved. Proposed S, May seconded |J. Connolly.

Matters Arising.

Waiting for response from BRC breed standard committee regarding the sooty fawn breed standard.

Waiting for response from BRC Welfare Committee re vaccine charges.

Chris forgot to ask BRC re rule change about couriers being banned from use in sending Angora rabbits to people who have never groomed or clipped an Angora before. CH will write this time.

Chair Report:

Sadly we lost Ray Whitcombe, a very active club member, exhibitor and judge.

Sadly we also lost Donald Turner, an Angora exhibitor.

Thank you to Sally for our excellent website, which has led to lots of interest for the Angora products side and attracted new members.

Wool sales have been good via the Craft festivals, Online Guild and at face to face meetings at Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. Some of our wool has even gone to the Falklands. Australia and New Zealand will not permit the import of our Angora wool.

Fur and Feather will be contacted to add our website to their links.

Congratulations to Rob Grindey-Banks on his debut Angora judging at the 1 star show today.

Our wool price has gone up to 50 pence per 5 grams.

Please donate white felting quality wool to the club so we can get it spun at the mill for club funds.

A discussion continued regarding the dropping numbers of exhibitors and exhibits at open and stock shows. It was reported that many newcomers find it too hard to keep the show coat angora in show condition but that all breed numbers are dropping.

A discussion continued re wool sales and the cost of trophies for the stock shows.

Yvonne proposed that the club thank Lesley Hordon for all her hard work and her costs incurred regarding the wool sales and taking the stand to Guilds and fibre festivals. This was unanimously agreed.

Treasurer’s Report

The club is in a healthy financial situation due to the legacies from Peggy Grant-Dalton’s estate and Colin Stokes estate.

The wool sales make money for the Club although are expensive for the volunteers who man the stand due to travel and accommodation fees.

The stock shows cost the club money because the entries are too low to pay for the expenses such as adverts, trophies, rosettes.

Proposed by C Hamilton, seconded by L Hordon.

Treasurer’s report is attached.

Secretary’s Report.

I have little to report as have had ill health most of the last year and have been unable to participate or drive until recent weeks. Thank you to Sally for stepping in and helping.

Championships.None so far this year.

Stock Shows 2019/2020

Already agreed last AGM: Gillian Webb-Bailey to Judge London Stock Show October.

May 2020 Venue Swindon, Judge C Hollis. Reserve N Robertson. AGM to be held at Swindon.

1 star New Judges show at Swindon, Judge Sarah Elliott reserve G McKell

London October 2020, Judge Open show Gillian Webb-Bailey

London Stock Show, Gemma McKell

Products Show Judges. London- V, Symonds (reserve, L, Hordon) and Bradford- C, Hamilton.

Mrs Pratley Award

Sandra Orr for her work behind the scenes at the products shows and the fibre festivals and the general support she gives for the rest of the organising team. Thank you.

Michael Fox proposed we have a roll of honour in the year book regarding the Mrs Pratley award.

Agreed unanimously.

Any Other Business.

Nominated Yvonne Hobbs-Fothergill for the Life Presidents post. Unanimously agreed.

Discussed Facebook page and decided to keep the NAC FB page for members only. The Angoras For All site could be used for an open forum when needed. Lesley Hordon is now an adminstrator for this site.

BIS Trophies were awarded. 3 star to Grindey and Banks and the 1 star to Willowcot Stud.

Richard and Yvonne proposed the old Hereford Fur Society, now closed, donate their Harold Hobbs Shield to the NAC and it was agreed to use this as the BIS perpetual shield for the early stock show.

Sandra donated the now closed Dorking Rabbit Club Shield and this will be for the early stock show best beginner perpetual shield. Sally will get the Shield’s name plates lettering changed.

Sally requested articles for the club website.

Meeting closed at 14.10hours