I bought a doe from Lesley

Mated to a winning buck.

(I wanted something nice to show

And thought I’d try my luck).

I put her in a roomy hutch 

Without disturbing her too much,

I fed her on the best of fare

And told her just how much I care.

After a month (her name’s Delight)

She had some babies in the night;

I dared not look at them in case

They vanished not leaving a trace!

But on the awful morning after,

One tiny head I found –

So perfectly dismembered

‘twould have made a surgeon proud!

I gave her a big pile of greens

Before looking for the rest.

Imagine my sighs of relief

Seeing three wholebabies in the nest!!

Now they are getting sleek and fat

Dare I hope and pray

That one of them will catch the eye

Of Mrs P one day??

Poem By Yvonne Fothergill-Hobbs