Monthly Archives: September 2019

AGM 26th May 2019

National Angora Club AGM Held at 1pm on 26thMay 2019 at Wyken Community Centre, Westmoreland Rd, Coventry, CV2 5BP. Present. Mrs C. Hamilton (Secretary), Mrs L Hordon (Chair), Mrs S May (Treasurer), Mrs S Sutton (Vice President), Mrs J Connolly, Mrs Y Hobbs-Fothergill, Mr Richard Grindey-Banks, Mr Rob Grindey-Banks, Mr A Wright, Mr M Fox,… Read more »

A Tail of delight

I bought a doe from Lesley Mated to a winning buck. (I wanted something nice to show And thought I’d try my luck). I put her in a roomy hutch  Without disturbing her too much, I fed her on the best of fare And told her just how much I care. After a month (her… Read more »

Is my rabbit an Angora?

The National Angora Club are often contacted by people who have bought or rescued a fluffy rabbit, and have been told that it is an Angora. It can be difficult for rescues, pet shops and others not familiar with Angoras to tell the difference between different breeds of long haired rabbits. The Club are willing… Read more »

Fibre-East and British Wool Show 2019

The National Angora Club had stands at two craft festivals in July and August this year. Fibre-East took place at Redbourne School, Ampthill, Bedford on 27th July, after a very hot week. Thankfully the temperature dropped so it was safe to bring Cheyenne, the Smoke Angora. Anne demonstrated spinning pure Angora on the wheel, whilst… Read more »