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English angora house rabbits

Our Angora rabbits are house rabbits. Josie is a smoke and Winnie is a sooty fawn. They are both from Sally May. They are real characters and we love them to bits.

Choosing a rabbit bowl

If you are planning on showing an angora, you will need to have a large ceramic bowl, this is to ensure that their face furnishings are not covered in food debris when they are eating. This does not mean that you have to fill the bowl up. Plastic bowls tend to get chewed by rabbits and this… Read more »

The eyes of an Angora rabbit

Eyes should be clear and bright. If Bucks get runny eyes, then wash out the eye in case it has something in it. Check the teeth as teeth problems can cause runny eyes. Check when you last administered Ivomectin (for mite control) if longer than two months it could be the cause. Clip the back of… Read more »

Noticing problems with your angora

If the rabbit does not come forward for its food at feeding time, there could be a problem. Check the water bottle to see if it is working properly, rabbits will not eat if they don’t have access to water. Bottles can get clogged or jammed. Next take the rabbit out and see if there is any obvious… Read more »

Going for gold

Some facts about showing your rabbit 1. An Angora rabbit has a short show life. The whites especially are only at their best four about four months. So you will have to keep breeding so that you can have continuity. The coloured can sometimes be shown after the first coat has been removed but this… Read more »

Angora rabbit pedigrees

Pedigrees give the ancestry and breeding of the rabbit. A pedigree is particularly important when the breeder plans a mating in understanding what colours may occur in the litter.

Happy Easter from the National Angora Club

Happy Easter from the National Angora Club, who wouldn’t love to see a cute English Angora rabbit baby at Easter. However, please think twice before buying a rabbit for someone for Easter, they do make ideal pets but they should not be an impulse purchase. If you are thinking of buying a rabbit, then research… Read more »

Guinevere’s success

This is Guinevere, an English Angora rabbit and todays winner of the angora class at the Gloucester show. She belongs to Linda David of Rainbow Stud. Guinevere got her Challenge Certificate (CC) and was second in the under five (u/5) challenge and 2nd in the grand challenge out of 20 rabbits. She was bred by… Read more »