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How to become a three star judge

If you are wanting to take more of an active role in the showing of angora rabbits then here is a brief guide to becoming a 3* judge. 3* judges fall into four categories, Fancy, Lop, Fur and Rex. The ultimate goal is to become a 3* judge in all four categories but this takes time, a… Read more »

Wool of the English Angora rabbit

The quality of the English Angora wool is second to none. It is silky and soft and has excellent texture and sheen. As the babies grow you should be able to see crinkles (crimp) in the shaft of the wool. The English Angora has the finest wool of the Angora breeds. It is very clean… Read more »

Runny eyes

There are several reasons for runny eyes in a rabbit, and it is important to seek the advice of a vet if the problem persists. Congenital or hereditary Occasionally a number of babies in a litter may have runny eyes due to inherited eye lid deformities, where the tears spill over the eyelids instead of… Read more »

Showing Angora Wool Products-Product Competition Rules

As well as supporting the exhibition of the Angora rabbit, the National Angora Club (NAC) also supports those who produce yarn, felt and garments from wool which has been harvested in an ethical and animal friendly way. For details of our Product Shows, please see further posts in the wool festivals, wool products or rabbit shows category.  For more information on Products Shows, contact our Products secretary… Read more »

Health requirements for Angoras

General health Keeping your angora rabbits healthy is the key. If you can provide them with the essentials of good welfare this makes for a happy healthy angora rabbit. However, in some circumstances even when they appear to have everything they may need they can become poorly for a range of reasons so here are… Read more »

Schedule for Angora Products Competition

The Angora Club Products Competition is open to all members. It is not necessary to keep an Angora rabbit to enter  yarn, a felted product, garment or accessory, as Angora wool can be obtained from the Club or from another member. Products hand-made from the wool from English, French, German or Satin Angoras and from… Read more »

Handling your angora

Handling Regular handling results in a friendly rabbit that does not get distressed by grooming, wool clipping or toenail clipping. When you go to pick them up, use both hands and securely hold the young angora rabbit so it feels safe and secure in your hold. 

General care and breeding of Angora rabbits

Housing Angoras need a hutch 5ft x 2ft by 2ft high. Because of the Angora’s fine coat a hutch with separate sleeping compartment is not recommended as the restriction of the entrance to the compartment ‘shaves’ the sides of the coat off. They are quite hardy and may be housed outside, however, if this is… Read more »

An Ode to Perseverance!

The coat is long and gets so dirty When it gets matted it doesn’t deter me The ears well pulled, the nose all furry The feet go yellow, the bum does too! No, it still won’t make me feel blue Tips get chewed, the rabbit goes in moult Just can’t and still won’t call a… Read more »