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Angora rabbit Ralph

Ralph was bred at The Bourne Stud Angoras in January 2016 and moved in with myself, Nikita Harrison in May 2016.  Living outdoors, Ralph spends lots of his time freely exploring the gardens. Fortunate to have a garden backed onto 2,600 acres of woodland, Ralph’s adventures are often joined by many different wildlife species, from… Read more »

Portrait of Mrs B A Pratley

Portrait of Mrs B A Pratley by her daughter Gill Watkinson Mum was a devoted angora-ite, determined to keep them true Brits with no foreign bits added. Her love affair with these bunnies started at the age of 13 and continued right up until her death. I have been told that I attended my first… Read more »

Fly strike

Fly strike is a horrible condition in which flies lay their eggs on soiled areas around the rabbit’s anus and tail. Maggots quickly hatch out and burrow their way into the skin, and if not spotted quickly, into the rabbit’s internal organs. In early stages there may be no external signs, but later the rabbit… Read more »

Mrs Chris Hamilton and Angora rabbits

Mrs Chris Hamilton General Secretary for the National Angora Club and to introduce her, here is a short profile about how it all began with angoras. I started keeping rabbits while in junior school but met my first angora at a garden centre pet shop and became his owner in 1986. That was not a safe… Read more »

Angora (and other) rabbits living together

Angora (and other) rabbits living together by Anne Gibson As I am not interested in breeding, I have all my rabbits neutered. The groups consist of one group of three Angora rabbits, a pair of rescue rabbits and a single rescue rabbit who is partially sighted. Most of my rabbits were neutered while young, except… Read more »

Champion Angora “White Enigma”

If you start showing it can be a very rewarding experience and Yvonne Hobbs-Fothergill has breed and exhibited many champions in her angora journey under the Stud name Willowcot Stud. This is White Enigma who was a Champion in 2013.

Angora rabbit wool Tea cosy

Angora rabbit wool is very versatile and can be used to make many interesting woollen products. This is rather an unusual example of the use of Angora wool- a superb tea cosy. It keeps the teapot warm for ages! For other Angora wool products visit the wool products category.

Angora rabbits visit to Tatler Magazine

I was contacted by a representative of Tatler magazine back in early February. She had been given my name by Yvonne Hobbs-Fothergill as someone, who might be able to help as I lived closer to London. They wanted to do a video shoot of Angora rabbits, and could they have four of varying colours including… Read more »

Choosing your Angora rabbit for show

If you are lucky enough to have a litter of two or more then you will need to decide which ones will be good to show. Not all of them will have “Show Quality”. When they are about six weeks, you can start to take them out and handle them, grooming them gently behind the neck, turning… Read more »

The Vienna gene

Some imported Angoras carry the blue-eyed white incompletely dominant gene v, otherwise known as the Vienna gene. If White Angoras are bred to White Angoras, this usually goes undetected and doesn’t cause a problem. However, if a White carrying the Vienna gene is crossed with a coloured rabbit, for example a Smoke, the coloured offspring… Read more »